sábado, 24 de diciembre de 2011

Turncoat Bowl 2012

-Underworld Troll, goblin and skaven simulating Big Guy, 50mm:

Turncoat Bowl
1 day tournament. 4 games
Sunday 25th of March
Ursel (Belgium)
Entree free 10€ and EVERYBODY will receive this miniature
More info on TFF (talk fantasy football)

*Available in Tournament&Willy-Miniatures

4 comentarios:

SrLobo dijo...

Esta genial, ¡¡¡ FELICES FIESTAS !!!

P. Ramos "Poncho" dijo...

Gracias Lobo!


Jonas dijo...

That is excellent! Great job.

P. Ramos "Poncho" dijo...

Thank you Jonas!